Sunday, January 28, 2018

13A to Euro/Schuko adapters, earthed- don't bother to change the plug on anything with a European plug, just plug it into one of these..! If you'd like any of these, you can collect them from Martin's Lights warehouse in Reading absolutely free of charge, or we can send them to you at postage cost. We've got loads of them!

Brand new CP60 lamps

Here are two brand new GE Showbiz brand 240V 1000W Par 64 CP60 narrow beam lamps, brand new and in their boxes..

Par 64 lamps are currently in the region of £15 each + VAT, so I'm offering these at just £6.00 each + VAT or both for £10.00 + VAT. If interested, give me a shout to discuss carriage/postage/delivery options and prices!

Antari F101 low fog machine - needs new pump

Here is an Antari F101 low fog machine that needs, most likely, a new pump. It heats up without problem but the pump makes a light rattling sound and does not pump fluid through the machine. It is also possible (but I think unlikely) that the heater element is blocked but I can't test this due to the faulty pump. The fan that blows the fog through the cooling chamber is working fine. In all other aspects the machine is working. I called Antari's UK distributor this week and a replacement pump is around £39 (presumably plus carriage and VAT) but I do not use this machine enough to justify the expenditure. To reiterate, this machine probably needs a new pump and would then be good to go but I CANNOT CONFIRM THIS. The machine is DMX controllable (3-pin DMX) and has an IEC power socket.
Included with the machine are the fluid bottle (about half full of fluid), a wired remote control (approx 5 metres of cable, and as you can see in the photo, one of the buttons on the remote is broken, but the remote fully works), a brand new 13A to IEC cable, the manual, and two unopened 5 litre bottles of genuine Antari brand low fog fluid.
Obviously this machine and the fluid bottles together constitutes a large and heavy item hence I am offering it for collection only (no courier or postage), however I would be willing to deliver the machine within say an hour's drive of home (Reading), or into London, for a fuel contribution. Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any queries.

£50.00 + VAT.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Delivery options for items on the Big Tidy Up

Hi Big Tidy Up readers- here is a very quick summary of the options for getting your hands on items purchased from the Big Tidy Up, for anybody who's not been here before. Carriage is not included in the prices quoted for each item.

1. Collection- you can collect any item directly from Martin's Lights warehouse in Reading, Berkshire. There's no charge for this, obviously!

2. Postage- smaller items can be sent via Royal Mail post or parcels, or courier, at cost.
3. Courier- larger items can be sent via a courier at cost, or collected by your courier. MyHermes via Parcel2Go is our current favourite.
4. Delivery- items can be delivered within a realistic radius of Reading for a mutually agreed fuel cost, or we can meet you half way or thereabouts if practical for you and us. (We're pretty familiar with most of the country's motorway service stations!) Also, as Martin's Lights works across the country, it's possible that if you are further away from Reading, we may be visiting your town or city at some point in the near future, in which case items can be put on our tour bus, van or truck for you to collect from a convenient venue near you, again at a mutually agreeable cost.

In all cases, if you are interested in an item or items, please drop us a line and we will work out the best, simplest and cheapest way of getting things to you.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Elsewhere on the internet!

Elsewhere on the internet, you can see what Martin's Lights has been up to on the websiteFacebook page, Twitter feed or LinkedIn page, or you can even call on 0118 957 3399 or 0777 476 2606!